EAET 2024

EAET 2024 | Cambridge, UK

March 8-10, 2024

The 5th European Advanced Educational Technology Conference (EAET 2024) was successfully held at Robinson College, University of Cambridge from March 8th to 10th, 2024. Attendees engaged in fruitful discussions, exchanging the latest research findings, and sparking new ideas in the realm of scientific inquiry. Nearly 80 attendees participated in the conference, both online and in person.

Group Photo @ Robinson College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK  

Prof. Adrian Hopgood was delivering the keynote speech  

Dr. Shuliang Li was delivering the keynote speech 

Prof. William Hurst was delivering the keynote speech 


Session 1 Best Presenter
Adamantios Bampoulas  
Session 1 Group Photo   Session 2 Best Presenter
Masaki Koizumi 
Session 2 Group Photo 
Session 3 Best Presenter
Moayyad Homidi  
Session 3 Group Photo   Session 4 Best Presenter
Sonia Valero  
Session 4 Group Photo  
Session 5 Best Presenter
Shaun Barrett   
Session 5 Group Photo   Session 6 Best Presenter
Muhammad Muqeet Rehman  
Session 6 Group Photo  
Session 7 Best Presenter
Tom O'Halloran  
Session 7 Group Photo   Session 8 Best Presenter
Xinru Li  
Session 8 Group Photo  


Download other photos/screenshot of EAET024 here